Awake Again May 10!

If you’re angry about what happened to Florida during this year’s legislative session, then there’s a great chance to demonstrate how unhappy you are with Gov. Scott and the legislators who stood with him. Awake The State recently announced a new set of rallies on May 10th – called “Awake Again May 10.”

Click here to find a rally that’s close to you. There are 20 different rallies in just about every corner of the state.

From Awake The State’s email announcing the May 10th rallies:

Average Floridians are fed up with Tallahassee politicians balancing the budget on the backs of hard-working Floridians.  Middle class families simply cannot afford the mentality of cuts for schools, hospitals and law enforcement in order for politicians to carry water for the big business lobby, namely the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

And remember all the hot air we heard about creating jobs? At the end of the day, all Gov. Scott and his allies in the Legislature did this year is make it tougher for our state to recruit quality teachers, first responders and other vital service workers. And on May 10, they’re gonna hear about it from Floridians.

Click here to find a rally in your community and Fight For Florida!

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