AFL-CIO Calls Members to Action

On a national conference call with Regional, State and Local union leaders and activists, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka laid out the AFL-CIO’s plan of defense against the coming attacks lead by Trump and his toxic cabinet picks.

Consulate Caregivers Strike for $15

In the video above, sisters and brothers from 1199 SEIU Florida take a stand in protest on the hot streets of South Florida. Caregivers at Consulate work long, hard hours doing the essential job of caring for our parents and grandparents as they grow old.

Paid For, Never Redeemed

State Savings in Florida’s Medicaid Program Due to Floridians’ Lagging Incomes Are More Than Sufficient to Fund the Extension of Coverage to 800,000 Uninsured, Low-Income Adults.

Health Care Insurance Deadline Approaches – Do You Have Health Care?

Do you feel overwhelmed when shopping for health insurance? Confused by the lingo? How do you make sure you’re selecting the right plan for you and your family, knowing you may be stuck with your choice for a year? With thousands of health care plans available in the market today, the choices often seem unmanageable. […]

Never Forget Why the Affordable Care Act is so Important

                              The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act–more than 105 million Americans will continue to benefit from the elimination of lifetime limits and the coverage of preventive services, more than 6 million young adults will remain covered by their […]

Stand Up For Florida’s Children

You may have heard about Gov. Rick Scott’s plan to increase public education funding by $1 billion. Suspicious yet? You should be, because Scott is getting this “new” funding by cutting Florida’s Medicaid program, which coincidentally provides essential health care to hundreds of thousands of children in our state. And in case you forgot, Scott […]

The Real State of The State

The Florida Center For Fiscal and Economic policy released a blockbuster report yesterday showing Florida at or near bottom in education, health, and tax fairness rankings in comparison with other states. You can read the full report here (pdf.) Some rankings that stood out to us: 3rd highest unemployment rate. 49th among the states in […]