About Us

Fight for Florida is a diverse coalition of labor, faith and community organizations fighting to better the lives of all working families across the state of Florida.

We fight for a living wage.

We believe that all Floridians deserve good jobs. These jobs should pay a living wage and quality benefits that provide security for Floridians and their families. Good jobs are the foundation of strong families, strong communities and a strong economy.

We fight for a voice on the job. 

We believe that Floridians have a right to collectively bargain with their employers for fair wages and benefits. Floridians have a right to join a union in their workplace and contribute to its activities. An attack on this constitutionally protected right is an attack on Florida’s working families and their quality of life.

We fight for access to quality healthcare. 

We believe Floridians have a right to access quality, affordable healthcare. Enriching for-profit companies at the expense of the health and well being of hard-working Floridians, children and the elderly is unconscionable.

We fight for public education.

We believe that the right to a free public education is the cornerstone of an educated electorate and therefore essential to democracy. The erosion of funding for public schools undermines our democracy and the transfer of public funds to for-profit educational institutions creates profit at the expense of our students, parents, teachers and communities. We strongly defend the right to a free public education through increased funding and support of our public schools. We strongly oppose enriching for-profit institutions at the expense of our democracy.

We fight for fair budgets.

We believe that everyone should pay their fair share and that Florida’s budget should not be balanced on the backs of its working families. Florida’s tax policies are full of loopholes that enrich wealth over hard work thereby placing the majority of the tax burden on the shoulders of workers who can least afford it.

We fight for a strong safety net.

We believe that when Floridians fall on hard times they must have access to the unemployment insurance and other benefits to which they are entitled. Not only does this provide a measure of stability between jobs, it is good for the local economy. We support an unemployment insurance system that provides faster processing and stronger temporary benefits. 

We fight for a secure retirement.

We believe that Floridians who work throughout their lives deserve a stable, secure retirement. Working people should not have to worry about whether or not they will be able to afford to retire. Protecting public employee pensions and retirement benefits for working Floridians is the least we can do to those who have worked so hard.

We fight for our environment.

We believe that Florida’s natural resources are not for the enrichment of for-profit companies but for the enjoyment of all. We support the wise use and protection of Florida’s rare and fragile ecosystems.

We fight for all Floridians.

We believe that all Floridians deserve an equal and fair shot at the American dream, no matter what they look like, what gender identification, where they come from, what their creed or who they love. All individuals have the right to equal protection of their right to harmless free expression.

Join us in the Fight for Florida.