Meet Mr. 1%: Getting To Know Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney made a wad of cash—$255 million—by laying off American workers and shipping U.S. jobs overseas.

Now he wants to give millionaires and billionaires more tax cuts they don’t need—tax cuts that didn’t create jobs the first time around—while hurting the rest of us.

Meet Mr. 1% is our new website with infographics and a video you can share on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.


These infographics include:

  1. The Wrong Way to Get Rich: Romney’s record laying off workers at Bain Capital and filing for bankruptcy.
  2. Helping the 1%: Romney’s tax plan and how it will benefit the top 1% and corporations—not the middle class.
  3. Hurting the Rest of Us: Romney’s attack plan to cut social programs like Social Security and Medicaid, target teachers’ unions and create anti-worker legislation.
  4. His Record Speaks Louder than Words: Romney’s record as Massachusetts governor when the state had the highest debt per capita and ranked low (47th  of 50 states) on job creation.

If Romney’s values don’t match with yours, take action and pledge to vote this November.

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