Senator Rubio Stand Firm: Fight For Florida Radio Ad


(MIAMI, Fla.)  A radio advertisement released today, by Fight For Florida, Inc. on Spanish language radio stations across South Florida, asks Senator Rubio to stand firm in his conviction for a comprehensive immigration reform bill that is both fair and compassionate.  Recent statements made by the Senator have shown that his resolve is weakening and that he is open to compromising on the bill he drafted as a member of the “Gang of Eight” to make it even harder for the 11 million aspiring Americans to become citizens.  The advertisement asks listeners to call Senator Rubio’s office and urge him to stand firm in his convictions.

 Fight For Florida Radio Ad

“Like so many before me, I came to America on the waves of freedom, to have a middle class life and eventually to earn American citizenship. Now, extremists want to keep me from my dream,” said Hector Capote, Cuban born member of the Communications Workers of America local 3122.


Inmigrar a los Estados Unidos fue muy difícil.

Vivir indocumentado es aún más difícil.

 Ahora Políticos extremistas en Washington quieren cambiarlo todo para hacer nuestro proceso mucho más difícil.

 El Senador Rubio tiene una propuesta de reforma migratoria que enorgullece a los que comparten su origen inmigrante.

Llama al senador Rubio al (305) 418-8553 para que se asegure que cumplan su promesa de unaruta justa a la ciudadanía.

 Que no permita que lo hagan más difícil. Para que se mantenga junto a nosotros.

 Paid for by Fight for Florida, Inc.


Getting to the United States was hard.

 Staying here is hard.

 Why would politicians in Washington want to make it harder?

 Senator Rubio has written a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that made those of us who share his immigrant background proud, but now extremist politicians are attempting to change it to make our journey even harder.

 Call Senator Rubio and urge him to make sure his bill is a roadmap to citizenship that is fair and compassionate.

 Call Senator Rubio at (305) 418-8553 and tell him to keep standing with us.

 Senator Rubio, don’t let Washington extremists make it any harder.

 Paid for by Fight for Florida, Inc.


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