Stand Up Against The Dangers of Prison Privatization

Rick Scott and some Legislators in Tallahassee are pushing the most dangerous bills imaginable. Two bills, SB 2036 and SB 2038, aim to privatize many governmental services and agencies without the public having a voice in the process. Both SB 2036 and SB 2038 are beyond reckless but Tallahassee politicians want them to become law at any cost.

Here is what these bills do:

Put Your Family’s Safety On The Line
These bills remove any accountability for private prison companies or other public safety contractors. This means more prison escapes, hiring unqualified “security officers” and stretching our local law enforcement too thin.

Costs Florida Thousands Of Jobs
The first thing Scott’s privatization scheme will do is cause thousands of experienced officers to be laid off. These officers and their families will lose their incomes, costing Florida small businesses millions in lost revenue.

Hand Over Billions In Tax Dollars To Political Donors
The same private contractors who want to take over our prisons have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Tallahassee politicians like Governor Scott. Now, these same politicians are pushing these bills that will hand over your tax dollars to their biggest campaign donors.

Hurts Small Businesses Across Florida
These bills are an economic nightmare for small cities and towns throughout Florida. Privatizing a governmental agency hurts the entire community. If local workers are displaced from their jobs it affects small business, when the work that was being done is privatized and the workers on the job make less, it affects small business.

This is a clear attempt by the Legislature to return the favor by allowing contractors to make huge profits off of your tax dollars. That’s just not fair.

Sign our petition to take a stand for public safety, governmental transparency and accountability.

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