Florida Elections Voter Survival Guide

VoteYou can feel it in the air and see it on the airwaves, a hurricane is brewing. And I’m not talking about the weather.

This year’s election will turn the tide for working families, one way or the other, and if we want to make sure that “wages are too high” Donald Trump isn’t steering the ship, we must take action. With so much at stake, it is more important than ever that we are prepared to weather the storm.

Florida’s Labor Unions and community organizations have made great strides in unifying around shared values, like; raising wages, paid sick days, wage recovery ordinances and a strong public education system.

Labor and community organizations are working side by side to engage voters in Union Halls, places of worship and in their own neighborhoods urging each of them to be prepared.  Unlike a real hurricane, it doesn’t cost anything and is as simple as educating your family members on the issues and making sure each of them votes.

We all know that friend who feels like their vote won’t count or that younger sibling who thinks if they don’t vote, it wont make a difference. It is our responsibility as community leaders and family members to prepare and assure them that every vote counts.

How do we do this? Follow the simple Elections Voter Survival guide below and click on the links to get organized and get out the vote!

Election Voter Survival Guide

  • Check each family members’ VOTING STATUS – Register any unregistered family members, check existing voter registrations and update if necessary. Click here to go to your local Supervisor of Elections.
  • CHECK THE VOTER ID REQUIREMENT – make sure each family member have sufficient identification to vote.
  • MAKE SURE EVERY FAMILY MEMBER HAS THE VOTER ASSISTANCE HOTLINE HANDY (888) OUR-VOTE OR (888)308-673 – this number helps voters who are not allowed to vote for any reason.
  • MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS TRANSPORTATION TO THE POLLS or better yet, register to VOTE BY MAIL and vote where and when you choose. Don’t forget to sign it and mail it back before the deadline.
  • USE SOCIAL MEDIA to let others know “#IVOTED”
  • VERIFY THE VOTE – you can check the status of each person’s vote by going to your local Supervisor of Elections’ website or calling

Election Voter Survival Important PRIMARY Dates

Voter Registration Ends: Voter Registration Deadline for the State Primary Election August 1, 2016
Vote By Mail Ballot Request deadline: Last day election officials can send absentee ballots to domestic voters August 2, 2016
Early Voting  starts: Early Voting Starts for State Primary Election August 20, 2016
Early Voting ends: Early Voting Ends for State Primary Election.* August 27, 2016
Vote By Mail Ballot return deadline : Ballot Return Deadline August 30, 2016

*In addition, each county Supervisor of Elections may offer additional days of early voting on any or all days during the 15th through 11th day and the last Sunday before Election Day.

Click the image below for a printable version of the survival guide by our sisters and brothers of APRI and CBTU.