Tell the Senate to Support the Bring Jobs Home Act

As we celebrate the anniversary of our great Nation’s birth, legislation is moving through Congress that will improve the economy, lower unemployment and revive weakened communities. With over 50,000 manufacturing facilities closed in the last decade, coupled with the loss of over 6 million jobs in that sector, there needs to be a focus of putting Americans back to work!  The Bring Jobs Home Act (S. 2884, H.R. 5542) will eliminate some of the tax incentives that send good American jobs overseas while creating incentives to keep jobs here.

These policies have outsourced jobs and rewarded corporations with taxpayers’ money while they ship production, jobs and innovation overseas. Wall Street bankers and CEOs have filled their pockets while the rest of us have picked up the pieces.

As the offshoring of jobs has spread from manufacturing to the service sector of our economy, it has had a devastating effect on families and our communities. This legislation is a good start and all members regardless of party  affiliation should get behind this legislation. Will you write a letter to your Senators about this important issue so your neighbors know about this legislation?

This month and beyond, working families across the country will call on lawmakers and corporations to bring good jobs home and invest in America again, instead of shipping away our future.

It’s time we brought good jobs back to America! Do your part by  writing to the Senate about this issue!


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