Clean Energy and Good Jobs

Clean Energy Petition FFFThere’s no doubt about it, the climate is rapidly changing and working families need the infrastructure to prepare for the worst and innovate for the future. In response, at the 2014 COPE Convention, the Florida AFL-CIO passed Resolution 7 calling on Governor Scott to address the impacts of climate change and create a plan for spurring the growth of new clean energy jobs in the Florida.

Sign the Clean Energy Jobs NOW Petition!

Increasing clean renewable energy will reduce the carbon pollution causing climate change and presents a unique opportunity to grow jobs and new industries for our state. Currently, Florida ranks third in the nation for solar energy potential but very little is being done legislatively to take advantage of our solar producing capabilities. Florida needs a plan to protect our environment and invest in the future of our economy.

Demand action by signing the Clean Energy Jobs NOW petition! Join activists from across the state by sharing this petition with your friends and family. Together we will send a strong message to Governor Scott that the working families of Florida want clean, efficient energy and good jobs NOW!

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