Florida’s Federal Workers Demand Leaders #StopTheShutdown

Ray Coleman Jr., President of AFGE Local 1570

On the 20th day of being forced to work without pay, federal workers in North Florida brought their voices straight to the halls of power in Tallahassee to demand an end to the government shutdown.

Tens of thousands of impacted Florida workers will be missing their first paycheck tomorrow due to the shutdown, forcing families to make the necessary sacrifices to pay for their basic needs.

Ray Coleman Jr., President of Local 1570, joined dozens of his coworkers and members of the community at the Florida Capitol to send a message:

“The women and men who keep our country running deserve to get their paycheck on payday. It’s unconscionable that starting this week, those who have worked tirelessly at our airports and federal prisons – among many other worksites and offices – will come home empty-handed. They deserve better, and Congress and the administration must be better.”

Real families with very real bills are being harmed, and it’s time we hold our country’s leaders accountable.

Take action by clicking on this link or calling 1-866-803-8830 and tell your Senator vote to reopen the government. Playing politics with peoples’ livelihoods is wrong, and workers all across Florida stand in solidarity to #StopTheShutdown.