Keith Perry on Florida’s Water: “It’s Not a Crisis”

Florida’s decades-long water crisis is well documented and getting worse. Leaders from both political parties are offering emergency plans and bold actions to solve the pollution plaguing our coasts, rivers and springs. In North Florida, many of our cherished springs are experiencing alarming declines in their flow and water quality. But to Rep. Keith Perry from Gainesville – who’s been in office since 2010 – there is no water crisis in Florida.

On August 2, 2016, Rep. Perry was a guest on WOCA The Source Radio out of Ocala, Florida and told listeners “it’s not a crisis” when talking about Florida’s water. Perry’s comments come after Governor Scott’s two State of Emergency orders (February and June) declaring Lake Okeechobee and our coastal waters in serious trouble.

“Keith Perry has made a career out of endangering Florida’s water with his numerous pro-fracking and pro-oil drilling votes,” said Jonathan Webber, Deputy Director for Florida Conservation Voters. “It’s irresponsible and dangerous for any legislator to treat Florida’s growing water issues in this way.”

In his communications with voters, Perry is touting himself as an environmental leader, but the facts of his voting record tell the opposite story.

Over the course of his legislative career, Rep. Perry repeatedly voted for bills that would put Florida’s water at serious risk, including votes for fracking in 2016 (HB 191), 2015, (HB 1205) and in 2013 (HB 793).

Rep. Perry repeatedly voted to allow fracking companies to pump toxic chemicals into the ground without disclosure to the public. Those bills would have also made it illegal for local communities to ban fracking locally, rendering ordinances passed by Alachua and Marion counties meaningless.

Between voting for bills that would pave the way for more fracking in Florida and ignoring the very real water crisis that our state is facing, Rep. Keith Perry has earned the dubious distinction of being listed on the national League of Conservation Voters’ Dirty Dozen in the States list.

Check out the “It’s Not a Crisis” video below to learn more: