On The Campaign Trail: Dan Oliver

10553690_303057456541199_3849409665212192639_oI have a strong desire to serve and make the right changes for my community but campaigning for political office is new to me. For the past 28 years I watched Hernando County officials make decisions that were often times really bad decisions. Because of this, I felt compelled to run for office. I want the opportunity to make the right decisions, for the right reasons, that will benefit families, businesses and individuals.

I knew why I was running for office but how to effectively campaign was another matter.  Being a part of the Farm Team was nothing short of incredible. The knowledge gained entirely transformed my campaign from mediocre to highly professional. It gave me the confidence to speak in front of groups as well as the media. I learned the necessary inner workings of a campaign from accounting procedures to legal disclaimers. To this day we continue to receive support and guidance toward our campaigning efforts.

The Farm Team training gave my campaign manager and I “our first and most successful opportunity to really work together as a team to make some major headway toward our plans. The confidence we walked away with after that weekend of training made all the difference in our ability to effectively campaign.”

For More information on Dan’s campaign visit: http://www.danoliver4office.com/ or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DanOliver4Office

*Anyone who is interested in supporting these Farm Team candidate(s) in any way please contact your Central Labor Council. You can contact West Central CLC at 813-368-7124 or cschroeder@wcffl.org. If you wish to contact Volusia Flagler CLC call 386-235-5751 or stacy@vfaflcio.orgor. For more information about how you can help or about the Farm Team program contact Phyllis Garrett at pgarrett@flaflcio.org or 850-224-6926.*