On the Campaign Trail: Don Sarro and Linda Cuthbert

10394813_266609996875968_3654561269575311137_nDon Sarro

My name is Don Sarro and I am a member of AFT Local 1605.  My campaign for Volusia County School Board began in earnest after learning the basics of running a campaign at the Farm Team training.  I faced a tough primary challenge from four other candidates, but with the help of the Florida AFL-CIO, my Central Labor Council and my local union, I have been able to move to the general election run-off.  The help was more than just the much needed financial contributions from other unions across the state; it was also in the form of knowledge shared and volunteer time spent talking about my campaign with voters.

Our leadership in Tallahassee, along with my local CLC and union, helped me develop a campaign strategy and offered much needed advice. Being a Farm Team member is like having an extended family; band of brothers and sisters who share a unique bond; supporting your efforts along every step of the campaign trail.

The commitment from local union members who contribute both dues and political contributions made my Farm Team experience possible.  I endeavor to honor your commitment by fighting for working families each day.

For more information on Don Sarro’s campaign visit: http://www.donsarroforschoolboard.com/

10462771_1432842346991611_2296095438062575316_nLinda Cuthbert

I am Linda Cuthbert, a candidate for Volusia County School Board District 3. As a veteran educator with nearly 30 years teaching experience, I thought it was time to step forward and place an educator’s view on the board where there was none.

As a 2014 Farm Team member, I had a head start on campaigning. Our two day intensive training opened my eyes WIDE to not only the excitement of the next six months, but also to the possible pitfalls. Well organized, thoughtful, tough sessions including video auditions, guest speakers, speech planning, legal explanations, and media explorations snapped me into focus – making me realize what a truly grueling task lay before me. The Farm Team staff did not just send us on our way afterwards either, but has supported each Farm Team candidate throughout our campaign journey.

Deciding to attend the Farm Team training was the best thing I’ve done to advance the success of my campaign. I strongly recommend the Farm Team candidate training to any union member who wishes to become an elected official in order to create just and knowledgeable changes for the betterment of working families.

For more information on Linda Cuthbert’s campaign visit here facebook page here: FACEBOOK

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