On the Campaign Trail: Scott Stiltner

STILTNERMy name is Scott Stiltner and I am running for a seat on the Port Orange City Council. My experience with the Farm Team staff has been absolutely amazing. The resources available to me through an extremely knowledgeable and talented staff have been invaluable and have, without question, given me an edge on my opponents. During the primary election I faced three strong opponents. Although I did not win the elections out right in the primary, I managed to receive the highest percentage of votes (40%) and will be in a run off against the candidate receiving the second highest percentage (21%). With the continued support of the Farm Team staff, I am confident that I will be victorious in November.

I retired as a Lieutenant with the Port Orange Police Department in 2011 after proudly serving for 22 years. My wife has been teaching in Volusia County schools for 21 years. I believe that it is imperative to have elected officials at all levels with experience in and understanding of labor issues. As the Farm Team program continues to grow, the working families of Florida can rest assured they will be well represented by all the Farm Team candidates.

For more information on Scott’s campaign visit his website at www.stiltner4council.com or on facebook at www.facebook.com/Stiltner4council

*Anyone who is interested in supporting these Farm Team candidate(s) in any way please contact your Central Labor Council. You can contact West Central CLC at 813-368-7124 or cschroeder@wcffl.org. If you wish to contact Volusia Flagler CLC call 386-235-5751 or stacy@vfaflcio.orgor. For more information about how you can help or about the Farm Team program contact Phyllis Garrett at pgarrett@flaflcio.org or 850-224-6926.*

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