Volunteer to Protect the Vote in Florida

This Election Day you can play an important part in protecting our democracy by becoming a non-partisan Election Protection Volunteer on November 8th!

The Florida AFL-CIO and our community partners want to ensure that every vote cast is counted. Although volunteers are not allowed to interact directly with voters, they are the first line of defense against voter intimidation, obstruction and suppression.

Voter intimidation has an ugly history in our country and has la-elect-ballotboxdisproportionately targeted low-income and minority voters.  As an Election Protection Volunteer you will be trained with the tools to spot these practices in action and make a difference to ensure every vote is counted.

Become an Election Protection Volunteer at www.ProtecttheVote.net  

Make a difference by clicking on the link above to sign up for the 2 hour training and commit to one 2 hour shift at a polling location near you.

Did you know:

  • Poll watchers are only allowed to observe the process.
  • Poll watchers may not ask voters for their ID or interact directly with voters.
  • Poll watchers are not allowed to interfere with poll workers’ responsibilities or slow down the operation of a precinct.
  • If a poll watcher is not following these rules, you have the right to immediately contact the local supervisors of elections office or a voter help line like 866-OUR-VOTE

If a poll watcher is not following these rules, or if anyone tells you that voters are being intimidated, you can do something about it by becoming a non-partisan Election Protection Volunteer!

Help us Protect the Vote – for a better life.