What type of candidate would you be? Take the quiz and find out.


Who hasn’t sat back and mused, “Politicians are a joke. Even I could do a better job than that clown!” Let’s face it, we’ve all thought about it but most of us just as quickly dismiss the idea. “No way I’d ever do that. I’m just not the type.”

There are five main candidate types: the Egoist, Hater, Materialist, Opportunist and the Hero. Of the five candidate types, Donald Trump wins the trifecta since he’s clearly an Egoist, Hater and Materialist with a side of Opportunist to boot. He’s obviously special.

Ever wonder what kind of candidate type you are? Take this simple one question quiz and find out.

Question – Dig deep and explain why you want to run for office. (Don’t spin it, just spill it)

Now compare your HONEST answer to the following:

  • The Egoist. Are you thinking about running to “be” something rather than “do” something? If your ego needs stroking, if you need to be in the spotlight or just like the possibility of all the attention of being in the political spotlight, than you fit the Egoist profile. You’d be happier auditioning for America’s Got Talent than running for office.
  • The Hater. You just can’t stand that Politician but you can’t beat him to a pulp either. So, why not beat him where it hurts the most, his reputation. You’ll run every negative ad you can regardless of the truth until you destroy him. If this sounds like you than you fit the Hater profile. Think twice before running, the world has enough haters.
  • The Materialist. If you think being elected to public office could help you sell your book, or bring attention to your pet issue of stolen puppies (pun intended), or make you rich, like all those lobbyists, than you fit the Materialist profile. Running for public office is not about making you rich. Get rich on your own back, not ours.
  • The Opportunist. If it’s not the seat you want but the race is winnable and will position you to pursue the seat you really want, then you are an Opportunist. If you are willing to put in the time into learning how to be the best “mosquito control officer” or “soil conservationist” you can be, then you should think about running as long as you are doing it for the right reasons.
  • The Hero. As in working class hero. Are you someone who wants to fight so that everybody has a fair shake, equal opportunities and a real shot at attaining the American Dream? If you want to run because you legitimately want to help your fellow man and make a difference in their lives, then you are a Hero. You are one of the few and far between. If you run for office than it’s important to set reasonable goals for your campaign so that you don’t disappoint yourself and your supporters. To make a difference in the lives of working families is a noble calling, but know that the system is stacked against you. It will be difficult to accomplish most of what you want to do, so make sure you are realistic about what can be accomplished. The world needs more brave people just like you.

If you are a Union member, then you have resources that other Heroes don’t. For those valiant enough to take on the challenge, the Florida AFL-CIO has developed a Farm Team candidate training program. This program can be an equalizer and set you on the path to a successful campaign by teaching you the skills you need to be a winning candidate. Skills such as creating a campaign plan, fundraising, reporting, accounting, public speaking, media strategies and how to deal with those pesky reporters are just some of the things you will learn during the three days of intense training. The State Fed’s expert staff will be there to help and support you throughout your campaign.

We need more Hero types and less of the types that pervade our system today. If you have ever thought you could do a better job and if you have a passion for changing the world, then contact your local Central Labor Council and get the process started today. A Hero isn’t born every day and we desperately need real Heroes.

For more information on the Florida AFL-CIO Farm Team program please call them at 850-224-6926 or email Phyllis Garrett at pgarrett@flaflcio.org.