Accountability matters. Put students first and tell your Senator to vote “NO” on Vouchers NOW! ‪#‎BetterSchoolsFL‬ CALL YOUR SENATOR: http://bit.ly/1foXRcd via FEA Action Center “Some legislators claim the new bill includes accountability for voucher students to be tested.

LEG ALERT: Rules Committee Rams Through Wage Theft Preemption

LEG ALERT: Rules Committee Rams Through Wage Theft Preemption. SB 926 heads to SENATE FLOOR! CALL: 888-264-6154 TAKE ACTION: http://bit.ly/1mqADnC PETITION: http://bit.ly/STOPWAGETHEFT READ MORE: http://bit.ly/1dVbgYr “Late Wednesday, the Senate Rules Committee rammed through a DISASTROUS amendment to SB 926, that reverts the language of the bill to the same “zombie-like” back from the dead legislation working families killed last year.

Week 3 Update

WFLC activists did something incredible to stop WAGE THEFT this week: Find out in #FLsession update week 3: http://bit.ly/1gTHlix “This week’s update covers: the fight to raise Florida’s minimum wage, Immigration activists converging on the Capitol in the fight for equal access to higher education, “Walking Dead” wage theft legislation and testimonials from activists across the state.” #FLUnion #PFLA #1u