The Tallahassee Power Grab

Lawmakers in Tallahassee are currently in the middle of the annual 60-day legislative session. While the Florida Constitution only requires them to do one thing, adopt a budget for the state, lawmakers have spent a lot of time discussing ways to shift the balance of power in our state by taking away local control from our communities. Some bills look to transfer power away from elected officials on city commissions, county councils and school boards, while others are trying to curtail the power of the courts. As we all learned in school, our government has 3 branches of Government for a reason — to ensure that no one branch gets too much power.

Jacksonville workers to hold ‘Rally to Defend the Working Class’

On Saturday, March 11, workers, unions, the North Florida Central Labor Council and community groups across Florida will rally in downtown Jacksonville to defend the working class, which faces renewed attacks from President Donald Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress.

To find conservation leaders, go to the polls in November

The Senate’s current budget proposal provides only $22.3 million (one tenth of a penny) for buying conservation lands compared to the $300 million historically allocated to Florida Forever. Voters intended for Water and Land Conservation Amendment to at least restore Florida Forever funding closer to historic levels.