To find conservation leaders, go to the polls in November

The Senate’s current budget proposal provides only $22.3 million (one tenth of a penny) for buying conservation lands compared to the $300 million historically allocated to Florida Forever. Voters intended for Water and Land Conservation Amendment to at least restore Florida Forever funding closer to historic levels.

Paid For, Never Redeemed

State Savings in Florida’s Medicaid Program Due to Floridians’ Lagging Incomes Are More Than Sufficient to Fund the Extension of Coverage to 800,000 Uninsured, Low-Income Adults.

It Is Time To Show State Workers Some Respect

As you would expect, it takes a lot to keep our state moving forward. That task falls to the hardworking men and women who serve in state government. And leaders across the state, on both sides of the political aisle, are asking the question if we are investing enough in these dedicated employees.

Taxpayers Want Transparency, Not TPA

If you had to sign a contract on something really important, say a contract of employment or purchasing an expensive service, you’d probably want to read it in detail before pen touched paper right? Well, multinational corporations don’t seem to think that’s necessary for Americans when it comes to negotiating sweeping global trade deals. In […]