Consulate Caregivers Strike for $15

In the video above, sisters and brothers from 1199 SEIU Florida take a stand in protest on the hot streets of South Florida. Caregivers at Consulate work long, hard hours doing the essential job of caring for our parents and grandparents as they grow old.

Community Changemakers: “Fighting for a better quality of life.”

In our latest Community Changemakers, Michelle Guerin, Field Representative for the Southwest Chapter of the South Florida AFL-CIO, sits down with former Ironworker, Larry Aguilar, to talk about labor, apprenticeships, immigration reform and local community work that’s helping provide new opportunities for disenfranchised youth in the Ft. Myers area.

To find conservation leaders, go to the polls in November

The Senate’s current budget proposal provides only $22.3 million (one tenth of a penny) for buying conservation lands compared to the $300 million historically allocated to Florida Forever. Voters intended for Water and Land Conservation Amendment to at least restore Florida Forever funding closer to historic levels.

Building Bridges Breaks Walls

We need to build these alliances, work together where we can, and agree to disagree when necessary or we will just keep beating our heads up against the wall, instead of pushing the wall down.

Playing Privatization Russian Roulette

Dwindling budgets and skyrocketing costs have municipalities across Florida looking to save a buck by privatizing city-run services, including solid waste and recycling. Sanitation services are just one of the often under-appreciated services provided by our cities. These essential services keep our neighborhoods clean and eliminate serious public health hazards. When sanitation services don’t work, the whole community pays the price. […]

Miami WorldCenter: A Rose is not always a Rose

When the Miami-Dade County Commission voted unanimously to grant Miami WorldCenter’s application for a Community Development District (CDD) encompassing Miami’s historic Overtown neighborhood, it didn’t sound like a bad idea.

Passing the Torch in the Fight for Retirees

Whether it’s the sunny beaches, the diverse culture, or the world-class food and entertainment, it’s pretty obvious why Florida remains at the top of the list of states to spend your retiree years. Although Florida’s economy rests largely on their influence and service, retirees are too often left behind in the calamity of legislation and […]

After Charleston, Illuminating the Path Forward

As a mother, woman of color, person of faith and union member, the horrific tragedy that occurred in Charleston last week has been incredibly painful to comprehend. Nine people were killed in an “unfathomable” act of violence at a historic predominantly black Charleston, South Carolina, church Wednesday evening when a 21-year-old gunman opened fire during […]