Vote NO on Utility-Backed Amendment 1

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, Amendment 1 is a slick, misleading, multi-million-dollar advertising campaign designed to unfairly limit solar energy production and maintain the existing monopoly on electricity controlled by only a few large corporations.

Building Worker Power with Immigrant Labor Leaders

The Central Florida AFL-CIO, working with community partners, affiliates and the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) recently launched a leadership development program to empower leaders in the immigrant community to champion initiatives that improve the lives of workers, their families and communities in Central Florida.

Union Members Kickoff Electoral Campaign

This past weekend, the Florida AFL-CIO kicked off the largest ALL-volunteer based electoral program in the state to prove again that passionate volunteers are the key to victory in November.

Florida Elections Voter Survival Guide

Labor and community organizations are working side by side to engage voters in Union Halls, places of worship and in their own neighborhoods urging each of them to be prepared.