Union Members Kickoff Electoral Campaign

This past weekend, the Florida AFL-CIO kicked off the largest ALL-volunteer based electoral program in the state to prove again that passionate volunteers are the key to victory in November.

Yes on Amendment 4

A YES vote on Amendment 4 lowers solar energy costs by lowering taxes on solar installations.

Florida Elections Voter Survival Guide

Labor and community organizations are working side by side to engage voters in Union Halls, places of worship and in their own neighborhoods urging each of them to be prepared.

The Wage Equality Tipping Point

The time for equality is now. Understanding your value as a worker, whether you’re an entry level employee, an executive, or a star of the US women’s soccer team, is the first step in tipping the scales towards wage equality.

What type of candidate would you be? Take the quiz and find out.

Who hasn’t sat back and mused, “Politicians are a joke. Even I could do a better job than that clown!” Let’s face it, we’ve all thought about it but most of us just as quickly dismiss the idea. “No way I’d ever do that. I’m just not the type.” There are five main candidate types: […]

Cheers for The Labor Farm Team

The Labor Farm Team program succeeded in a couple of local races despite the anti-union sentiment that affected so many outcomes this Election year.  While most of our local Farm Team candidates were in non-partisan races, those races were not viewed as such by voters.  Voters succumbed to attacks perpetrated by the pro-voucher, pro-privatization PACS […]