Want to Fix Florida’s So-Called “Hiring Crisis”? Invest in Working People

Florida’s businesses are beginning to fully reopen after over a year of diminished demand and adjusted schedules during the COVID-19 pandemic and are finding themselves having difficulty recruiting working people. There have been slews of reports about this so-called “hiring crisis” across the Sunshine State and nationwide, with many business owners, groups representing their interests, […]

“We’re Modeling Resiliency”: United Teachers of Dade President on the Return to Schools

As Miami’s education professionals, my colleagues and I in United Teachers of Dade are expanding our lessons from the classroom to the entire community because we are facing issues that threaten our collective well-being. Since the COVID-19 pandemic took root in the United States, our teachers, district staff, and security personnel have been advocating non-stop for a science-based public policy approach guided by medical experts and data.

The Postal Service Is One of America’s Most Trusted Institutions. So Why Is Trump Trying to Kill It?

Every day, the United States Postal Service delivers hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail to every corner of the country. The USPS is one of America’s longest-running and most trusted public institutions. It’s served the American people through wars, depressions, and pandemics. Their deliveries are a lifeline in keeping our communities running, delivering everything from letters to loved ones, medical supplies and prescriptions for veterans and those unable to leave home, and packages for small businesses. So why is the current administration trying to kill it?