Farm Team Friday: JB Holmes

007__LouisVenne (1)J. B Holmes, Labor Farm Team Candidate — Collier County School Board, District 3

JB attended the Florida AFL-CIO Labor Candidate School in Tallahassee, in May of 2014. He was recommended for endorsement by the Southwest Chapter of South Florida AFL-CIO and he received the Florida AFL-CIO endorsement at the 2014 COPE Convention.

A resident of Naples, JB is a member of the Collier County Education Association, AFT 7410, and has taught Algebra and Geometry Alternative Education classes in Collier County public schools for the last 9 years. He serves on the Executive Boards of the CCEA and TIGER (Together in Government Education Reform). He believes the local school board should be responsible for its students and be able to implement, at the local level, standards and accountability that Collier County teachers , parents and businesses believe are best for their children. For more information about JB, please visit his campaign website —

The Southwest Chapter of the South Florida AFL-CIO is supporting JB in his candidacy. If you have any questions about him as a candidate please contact President Lyle Farmar at or 239-592-7773.


FFF wage theft victory MEMEBREAKING: WAGE THEFT BILLS BEAT BACK! Winners: ALL workers LOSERS: Wage Thieves! Bills that would make it harder for victims of wage theft to recover their stolen wages die before the end of session.



FFF VOUCHER MEMEAccountability matters. Put students first and tell your Senator to vote “NO” on Vouchers NOW! ‪#‎BetterSchoolsFL‬


via FEA Action Center

“Some legislators claim the new bill includes accountability for voucher students to be tested. But testing alone is not the answer. Plus, there are so many loopholes in the bill you could drive a school bus through them!

If state leaders really care about quality education for all students then kids attending private schools paid for with your tax dollars should take the same test as public school students. If it’s good for public school students, it should be good for private school students.

Parents deserve the assurance that their child is getting a quality education. Parents can only make an informed decision if all schools are held to the same high standards and the same accountability systems.

Tell legislators that voucher school students should take the same test as public school students. Tell them you oppose tax dollars going to private and religious school voucher expansion.”