Vote NO on Utility-Backed Amendment 1

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, Amendment 1 is a slick, misleading, multi-million-dollar advertising campaign designed to unfairly limit solar energy production and maintain the existing monopoly on electricity controlled by only a few large corporations. If you support solar, please tell your friends and family that the anti-solar Amendment 1 is bad for Florida’s environment and will destroy opportunities for bringing more solar jobs to our state. Vote NO in November for Florida’s solar future.

Rep. Dana Young’s Ties to Mosaic Fertilizer Spell Disaster for Florida’s Water

sink-hole This behavior follows the larger trend where special interests pollute at will while everyday Floridians pay the price. Why? Because big polluters don’t have to worry about state lawmakers holding them accountable. In this case, it’s Rep. Dana Young (R-Tampa)
January Teachers Rally

Labor unions are alive and well

The Labor Day holiday was unanimously approved by Congress in 1894 to recognize and celebrate the victories and contributions of the American labor movement. Unfortunately, and ironically, the holiday designated to celebrate America’s labor unions is also used by big business special interests and their supporters to denigrate those unions.
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