Climate Change and Labor are Intertwined

Florida is experiencing a climate emergency. Temperatures continue to increase, sea levels are rising, flooding is displacing communities, and intensified storms threaten both our coasts and inland areas. These cascading effects touch every aspect of Floridian's daily lives: our health, water resources, and work.

Values Over Money: Joe Biden Shows Real Leadership For Puerto Rico’s Future

Coming on the first few days of Hispanic Heritage Month, and largely tailored towards the influential voting bloc of Puerto Ricans across battleground states, dueling proposals from the two campaigns have captured much fanfare. The similarities between Republican and Democratic policy agendas end there. They really show how one presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is a true statesman, while President Trump remains the same conman we were warned about in 2016.

An Agenda for Florida’s Workers, 2018-19

It has been years since Florida’s workers have had an ally in the governor’s mansion. While the economy has been growing under Rick Scott, pay has been flat and living costs have been rising, leaving millions of families just a missed paycheck away from economic crisis. Those who have been underpaid, injured on the job or laid off – even after a natural disaster – have been left stranded by the state’s broken systems. Florida’s working families deserve a governor who will fight for them by promoting good jobs with fair pay and safe workplaces for the state’s eight million workers.

Local Building & Construction Trade Unions Reach Out to Community with Career Opportunities

The Florida West Coast Apprenticeship Council will reach out to the community about the opportunities and career paths their trainings provide. On Thursday, May 10th, they will be working with faith and community leaders in the African American community to host an apprenticeship career fair at the NFL YET Center (3310 E Lake Ave, Tampa) from 10AM – 1PM. Members of the community will be able to talk to apprenticeship coordinators from local unions about apprenticeship programs that offer paid training, skills and industry certifications, and a path to a successful career with high pay and unrivaled benefits.