The Wage Equality Tipping Point

The conversation on wage equality has never been more wide spread. With the presidential election looming, it’s more important than ever to educate yourself on the issue and how your voice can be the change we need. The time for equality is now. Understanding your value as a worker, whether you’re an entry level employee, an executive, or a star of the US women’s soccer team, is the first step in tipping the scales towards wage equality.
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Community Changemakers: “Fighting for a better quality of life.”

In our latest Community Changemakers, Michelle Guerin, Field Representative for the Southwest Chapter of the South Florida AFL-CIO, sits down with former Ironworker, Larry Aguilar, to talk about labor, apprenticeships, immigration reform and local community work that’s helping provide new opportunities for disenfranchised youth in the Ft. Myers area.
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