Gov. Scott, Just Go Home and Do Your Job

Over the past several months, Rick Scott’s “economic development” programs have taken an interesting turn. Rather than focusing on creating new job opportunities from Florida-based businesses by making infrastructure investments (remember 40,000 plus job lost when he refused high-speed rail), creating a tax structure that helps Florida based companies (out-of-state companies are still sending profits to other states and not paying taxes) or making significant investments in education (Florida still ranks near the bottom in per-capita funding), he has started traveling to other states like a snake-oil salesman trying to get businesses to relocate to Florida.

Building Bridges Breaks Walls

breakthroughs Adding to my answer I would always say, “… and if enough of us beat our heads up against the wall, we could knock it down in the other direction.” That’s because in solidarity, there is strength. Our power lies mainly in our numbers and our level of involvement. Therefore, growing our numbers and finding new ways to encourage involvement should be our primary focus if we really want to push the wall in the other direction.
Tony Fransetta, President of Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, speaks to seniors and union members rallying outside offices of Humana on Vista Parkway Tuesday afternoon. Elderly Democrats in Palm Beach County, some of the most loyal Democratic Party voters around, say they are angry with the leaders of their party for even raising the possibility of cutting Medicare spending. (Lannis Waters/The Palm Beach Post)